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Client Testimonial after Clients claim settled last week

Dear Sir,

 I am writing to you as the Senior Partner in the firm.  I hope that this is acceptable.

Approximately 12 months ago, I contacted Alisha to help me.  I was really struggling…I was upset, could hardly…because of how poorly I had become.

Through Alisha’s gentleness, understanding and outright empathy, I was able to discuss my requirements, talk even through the sobs and be empowered to stand my ground for my wellness and wellbeing.

In the past 12 months, I have had to talk to Alisha on a few occasions and each time, she has been spectacular in the way she has handled me and my moods…I have struggled at times to keep supporting Alisha in fighting for me and yet she always found a way for me to stay standing and do what was the correct thing for me.

Today, she rang me with a final outcome that myself and my husband are pleased with…Her determination to do the best for me and to make sure that I was empowered to keep going (if I wanted to) has just been above and beyond.

Can I please extend my thanks to you, as her senior partner and Burd Ward Solicitors, which on the both occasions that I have needed you, once for my divorce and now this time for my health, you have allowed me to stand up and be counted and most importantly have listened to me.

I will always look to your company for the help when I require it.  I have recommended you on a number of occasions and will continue to do so.

From what I know of Alisha, she does not take pats on the back and considers that she is just doing her job.

Please give her the proverbial pat on the back from me and also take one for your company. Just brilliant, thank you!

The monetary gain that Alisha has won for us, while not in the millions, is the equivalent to millions for me and my husband. It will change our life as we had a large debt hanging over our head, which we can now clear.  Each month, we will have a figure that will aid us, now back in our pockets.

Thank you just isn’t enough, but, for now I hope it goes someway to showing my appreciation for you and your team!




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