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Serious Injury

When dealing with Catastrophic / Serious Injury claims the relationship between the client, their family and the Solicitor is extremely important. More often than not these claims can last several years due to the complexity of the injuries and the rehabilitation required. It is therefore vital that victims instruct an experienced Solicitor who they can build a relationship with and who they can rely upon for support and advice, not only for themselves but for those around them.

A Catastrophic / Serious injury can change not only the client’s life, forever, but the life of their family and friends. All those affected need the right support and advice to assist in coming to terms with the effects of the accident. This is why the Solicitor is not only a Legal advisor but often becomes a companion to the client and family, and the only constant in a time of uncertainty.

Clients and families of those who have suffered as a result of Catastrophic / Serious accidents will have a higher demand for Justice, as opposed to a concentration on monetary compensation and this demand must be handled sensitively and expertly. Unless liability is established quickly, no immediate compensation will be forthcoming and therefore the main focus when initially dealing with such a claim should be on establishing liability, as well as working alongside the medical professionals to ensure that the client is receiving the right treatment and rehabilitation.

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