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Approximately 5,000-6,000 major amputations take place each year. 70% of the lower limb amputations occur due to restricted blood flow often caused by diabetes. 57% of upper limb amputations are caused by trauma, such as a crushing injury or blast wound.

Adapting to life after an amputation can be hard and can also depend upon your age, how much of the limb was removed, how well you cope emotionally and psychologically, and any other underlying conditions you may have.

People who suffer from amputations often report feeling emotions such as grief and bereavement, similar to the loss of a loved one.

At Burd Ward Solicitors our dedicated Solicitors have vast experience in dealing with cases involving amputations and they understand the processes people go through when they lose a limb following an accident.

We provide not only legal advice but support during this difficult time and we can guide you in the right direction when it comes to:

  • Specialist Treatment Centres
  • Fast and effective physiotherapy and other rehabilitation
  • Psychological treatment to come to terms with the amputation
  • Tailored Prosthetics
  • Specialised Wheelchairs
  • Adaptations to your home
  • Advice regarding additional Care and Assistance around your home or out and about
  • Benefit Advice
  • Vocational advice

Burd Ward Solicitors are proud to work in Partnership:

  • Limbless Association –
  • Amputation, Motivation and Inspiration (AIM) –

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