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Volkswagen Scandal – Are you affected?

£6.5 Million set aside by motor industry to cover cost of fines, recalls, compensation claims and legal costs.

1.5 million cars in the UK affected! Claim NOW!

VW have traded on Family Honesty but they have now admitted installing an emission control “defeat device” within its diesel engine models. Once deactivated emission levels will rocket. These levels can sometimes in excess of 40 times higher!

VW’s Chief Executive Martin Winterkorn has resigned and the group has suffered over a 30% drop in shares values over the last few days which can only have a knock effect to the value of your vehicle if you come to resell it.

We are also looking into miss-selling. If you purchased the vehicle because of its low emissions then you may be entitled to a full refund!

Nik Ellis MD of Laird Assessors has said “A vehicle bought for its green credentials is suddly not the environmentally responsible care we once thought. There are also tax implications; lower emission vehicle, meaning many VW’s could see significant hike in their tax band…should the emissions scandal spread to the UK’s Volkswagen…then we are likely to see a diminution of the value of the affected models” and this would be at the very least.

It has been reported in the press that “…drivers are paying an average of £350 more a year than they would if the car had the declared fuel efficiency. The advertised number of miles to the gallon is not a true reflection nor is their actual performance on the road. In other developments:

  • Switzerland has banned the sale of affected vehicles made by VW – and calls have followed for Britain to follow suit;
  • Worried British car buyers are cancelling orders – while industry experts say consumers can now ‘name their price’ for VW cars;

Those affected are thought to be:

Eco and Blue motion vehicles

VW; Audi A3; Skoda; Seat; Passat

If you think you have one of the above vehicles from 2008 onwards then get in touch with us now on

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